Monday, June 17, 2013

Menu Monday

Hi friends & fellow recipe enthusiasts! The Tribe is in full summer mode over here with lazy mornings, afternoons poolside and evenings at the ball park.

We are hungry.We are many.And I have a TIGHT budget.How does a mother of 5 do it?Well, it's not fancy.It's not even impressive but it is REAL food and we REALLY eat together whenever we can.

Why do I post my menu? You can steal my menu if you don't want to make your own. 
You can recommend a recipe that you want me to try (I would love that) or
You can just kill five minutes being nosey!
Either way I don't care! I'm just happy you visited today!

Happy cooking. 
Happy eating. and
Happy BE-ing.

Sunday Brunch - Bacon Pancakes & Pillsbury Cherry Turnovers, as it was father's day we made dad's favorite!

Later we also grilled boneless, thin ribeye steaks, with fresh red potatoes & green beans (boil chicken stock and add cut potatoes and beans and simmer till tender), cucumber salad & 
strawberry rhubarb pie. Man! eating in the summer is divine!
Monday - Epic Fail! I tried a speghetti in the crockpot Pinterest recipe & it was gross! I won't even bother putting the link up. Just trust me on this one!

Tuesday - Mexican Stuffed Shells (from SixSisters) - I made this version for me & Aaron and luckily for the kids I had leftover taco meat (always make extra taco meat!) so their's had taco meat and cheddar cheese! I served it with a side of mexican rice (instant white rice with a tablespoon of taco seasoning) and nacho chips and melted Velveeta cheese.

Wednesday - Cheddar Fried Chicken - I purchased a 2 pound bag of frozen chicken tenders and used half for the stuffed shells and the other half for this. Everyone like it but it did make too much gravy (as my kids don't do gravy. They are insanely fearful I will slip something in the gravy they won't like and therefore won't even try it.)

Thursday - The Pioneer Woman's Shredded Pork in the crockpot but I served the meat up in a gordita shell quickly fried in vegetable oil. Mmmmmm! Also, we had roasted potatoes on the side! and p.s. I leave out the adobe sauce because we don't like hot food here and it is just as good!(see don't have to be afraid of changing recipes! know what you like and then feel free to tweak anything. recipes are meant to be adapted. never forget that. never.)

Friday - Leftovers

If you like recipes be sure to check out She hosts an awesome link up for menu's every Monday. Lots of gluten free folks over there too!

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