Monday, May 6, 2013

Menu Monday - New Recipes!

It's not easy getting dinner on the table everyday.
It's not easy planning ahead & making a menu.
Nor is it easy to find the time to cook a meal.
It's really hard work. But I do it because I want my family to eat real food.

I do it because without dinner I'm not sure we would ever be in the same place to talk & connect & tell stories about our day.

I also do it because I like to cook. If I had more time I would probably cook even more. But for me, I find great pleasure in the moments my kids wander into the kitchen and sneak a cookie off the cooling rack or hang around to like the beaters after making icing. I cook for them.

Also, I do it because in Jodi Picoult's book, The Storyteller there's this great quote:
"What must you break apart in order to bring a family together? Bread, of course."

I tried lots of new recipes this week. Some worked, some didn't. Either way - here ya go! This is what my Tribe ate this week:

Sunday Brunch - Breakfast Casserole from Jaime Cooks It Up and Cinnamon Crescent Rolls
(we really liked this recipe, Aaron said it would even be great with mushrooms in it)

Monday - Pasta Alfredo Bake, garlic breadsticks & spinach salad with Olive Garden's dressing

Tuesday - Typically Taco Tuesday we mixed it up this week to try TOT-Chos
Instead of nacho chips we used tator tots. It was delish & fun!

Wednesday - Complete Crockpot Steak Dinner
(I won't make this again. The family thought the steaks were, and I quote, "Hard to chew")

Thursday - Dorito Chicken & Mexican Rice
I sprinkled in a tablespoon of Ortega Taco Seasoning Mix into the boiling water for instant rice. Viola! Mexican Rice!

Friday - Chicken Patty Sandwiches & Pioneer Woman Best Ever French Fries
(they really are the best ever & I only make them when I have time because the are a smidge tedious but totally, totally worth it)

all the recipes I try I pin the Pinterest - you can follow me there too!

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