Sunday, April 7, 2013

Well Made Plans

my daughter has my Starbucks card & tweeted her latte - not right!

How often do things work out exactly as you had planned?

I'm wondering today because my weekend is a bust.

We had great plans this weekend.

But then a beloved teacher/peer passed away and there were lots of tears, candlelight vigils, visitations and services to attend.

Mourning is exhausting.

Then we had a college visit planned. It had been on the calendar for months. A special incoming freshman day. Our oldest has been accepted to her first choice and the family was going to her new campus to celebrate the prospect of her newly designed future.

But then the van went kaput!

Well, nearly went kaput. Luckily we were able to pull off and get enough immediate attention for the engine that we could return home safely.

It was a close call, people!

Part of the family went on to the campus visit, part of us stayed behind. This Tribe of 7 couldn't fit in another car. So I sit at my kitchen table this morning, drinking coffee alone while my husband and first born are touring and laughing and dreaming about this fall. I wish I were there but I'm happy for their time together. One on one time with our children is rare and I'm hoping this weekend will be a bonding moment for them.

We make plans for a reason. We dream of events and then do our best to implement them so we can make memories and have fun - create new experiences. But not all plans work out. This doesn't mean we stop dreaming or planning. It means we understand we are not the gods of our own life. We do not have the ability to control
life or death
engines or low oil levels
sickness or health

We often live believing we are in control but we are not. There are too many random variables. We can be disgusted by them or we can embrace them but mostly we can learn to live through them.

How often are carefully made plans executed? Rarely? Often?

All I know is that my life is happier, fuller even, when I (am able) remember to be flexible -
when I learn to trust not in my own plans -
when I remember I am not the god of my life. He is.

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