Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Table

I am pleased to have a guest post today from my beloved. He writes about our very old, very worn and very sentimental dining room table (pictured left). I hope you enjoy his thoughts.

The Table, by Aaron Sikorski

I just cannot get these thoughts out of my head today after reading a wonderful post by Shauna Niequist (link below).  I have been thinking all day about this table.  I recall and remember the importance of our table growing up.  Some of my most treasured moments in life were the times spent around the table. 

You see I have the wonderful privilege of caring for one of the greatest treasures of my family’s history.  My parents inherited my Grandma's dinning room table when she passed away.  When I began my family and moved to Galesburg they gave us this dinning room set.  As time creates more distance from the stories and connections of our table I grow more and more fond of the power of this symbol that I have in my home.  

Years ago I did not cherish this piece of furniture like I am doing now.  You see, I never really appreciated story and the stories that are embedded into this piece of furniture that now rests in my own home.  This table and chairs are a talking point that allows me to connect my children to people they will never meet.  It allows me, as we sit around it, to tell them the stories and legacy of my family.

You see I recall the events of many Christmas', New Years', and Thanksgiving dinners that the Sikorski clan would sit around this table.  I now appreciate more than ever the welcome hugs, the Chex mix (scrabble), and a good game of Tripoley that took place around that table.  I miss the opportunities to hear my Dad laughing with my Uncle about some silly fishing story.  I loved the days that we would spend with my family.  On New Years we would gather at Grandmas and play games all day and watch every football game until late into the night.  Everybody would ask where the sausage came from or what was the recipe for something that was new.  It was not just the big events either.  It was the quiet moments, like after I helped cut Grandmas grass and she made me a grilled cheese.  These are the stories that I get to share with my kids and the moments that I miss.  

In our busy world that pushes us farther and farther apart I can't help but to think the one thing that we as people need to do is gather around tables more.  They are a place that we can laugh, cry, eat, drink, and be whole.  We need more time at the table.  

I need more people willing to sit with me and hear my stories.  I don't think it is chance that even Jesus spent his last hours around a table.  I think it is the most sacred element of our home, faith and journey and we should all spend more time around it. 

To my family I say thanks for letting us take care of this table.  To Brian, Denise, Melissa, Todd, Adam and John, I will continue to take care of the table and tell the Sikorski stories.  To my aunts, uncle and parents, thanks for making the table an important element in the way you celebrated.  To my Grandma and Grandpa Sikorski I wish you could still be here to tell your stories first hand.  Thank you for your love and acceptance. If you ever want to, come and sit at my table and tell me a new story. You are more than welcome.  Please keep passing on the stories to your children and love them with all the love you received. 

To any of my other friends please come sit around my table.  Bring your best game, bottle, story, or dish and I would love to share the day with you.

To read Shauna's Storyline Blog  follow this link:

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  1. Love the story Totally has made appreciate my well loved and worn dining table. Smile on my face.

  2. Thanks for posting Anonymous. Appreciate your taking the time to read about our hand-me-down table. Hope you have an opportunity to gather your loved ones around your "well loved and worn" table as well.


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