Sunday, February 24, 2013

Still on Chicken Street, Buzakashi Boys

I want so bad for my life to mean something. I want to make a mark. I want to fulfill my destiny. I want to leave a legacy. I hope - desperately - that someday all my contributions, no matter how big or small, get noticed and that the world is a better place because I did my part.

I think we all want that in some way.
To be noticed.
To be seen.

I know my athlete-of-a-son dreams of those things.
And in my heart of hearts I think I do too. Not with sports, of course, but with my words. I write, throw my stories out in the universe and wait, vulnerably, hoping someone notices.

I think that's why the book project I'm working on was such an awesome thing. Someone called me, said, "Stephanie, are you sitting down? I want you to write a book for me!".

I mean, c'mon! That's every writer's dream, right?

Being discovered.
If we are discovered we'll make it.
If we make it we'll never have another financial worry.
If we have all we need we'll be happy.
If we could just be discovered.

Except I don't see it that way anymore.

I used to equate being 'discovered' into being happy too. But then something happened....I was nobody and I was still very happy.

I no longer believe getting accolades could make me any happier than I already am.

I wish every teenager who uploaded to YouTube knew this.

Meet Fawad Mohammadi, a 14 year old Afgan boy who will be on the red carpet at the Oscars tonight for his role in Buzkashi Boys, a movie nominated in the Best Live Action Short Film category.

Fawad, as seen in the video below, has been discovered. Fawad was seen hustling maps and dictionaries to tourists in his war torn, impoverished country when the movie's director saw him.

Now he is a movie star and the world knows his name.

Is he rich? Is his life better now?
The reporter says, "Fawad is still on Chicken Street."

The part in the video still tears me up. Because if we live our lives believing that someday, if we could just have our moment in the sun, it will all be better I'm afraid we'll be sorely disappointed.

Where you live, what movie you're in, what book you do or don't write ... these things aren't the big break we're looking for. Fawad reminds us that our big break can come to us and we can still be found in the same location ... Chicken Street.

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Dream big friends. Of course! Dream big! But don't let your happiness depend on your next big break. Be happy today, where you are now, with who you have in your life now. Because if I can't be happy on Boston Avenue, then maybe I can't be happy anywhere. Read the full AP story on Fawad Mohammadi here.

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