Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Year I'm Writing a Book!

I started this blog in August of 2010 because when I decided I wanted to be a writer I learned a writer must have a platform.

This is my platform.
It's not wildly successful.
It's never won an award for best blog of the year
and in fact, I'm sure it never will as long as it is remains on blogspot.

O well.
It is my blog.
My baby.
My avenue and my outlet.

My Practical Parenting series (as seen in the Monmouth Daily Review Atlas) is published here as well as many of my thoughts, struggles and stories.

Now it is 2013.
My parenting series is secure.
My platform is established and now ...

I'm ready to write. A book.

To Write a Better Story blog will continue in its current form
but I'm adding a new angle;
I will document the creation of our co-authored project here.

Can I get it done in one year? Will it get published? Will anyone enjoy it?

I don't know.
Stay tuned to find out.

p.s. are there any writers out there reading this? I would love to have an online friend/supporter/community to partner up with for the duration of my project? I'd hate to go insane alone.

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