Thursday, January 24, 2013

Basketball Bravery

These are my little girls.
They begged and begged
and begged to play basketball at the YMCA.
So ... I signed them up. I've nothing against basketball - I'm just not that into it. Also, I'm not that mom lives vicariously through her kids' activities. I'd hate to be mistaken for one while sitting on the bleachers.
No, I kinda drag my feet to sign my kids up. I think kids need more down time and free play. And I think I need a break. Maybe it's 'cause I have five kids. Maybe it's because my 15 passenger van that I sacrificially drive my five kids around in is a gas hog. Maybe I like to sleep in on Saturdays.
Either way. These twins wore me down and I signed them up for basketball.
So here I sit.
Look at them. Could they look any more nervous?
I had to practically drag them to the Y.
They balked and complained and even accused me of signing them up when they (and I quote) "didn't even really want to play that bad!"
Oh you are so going.

I didn't bribe them.
I didn't threaten them.
I just simply made them go.
And you know what?
They sucked.
Yep, that's right they were terrible.
But they went.
And guess what? They had a good time.
Yep, they came off the court with smiles and laughter.
So even though it would have been easier (and honestly, more preferable) for me to keep them home on this Saturday morning, my mommy-sense knew that it was more important for my girls to have a chance to practice being brave.
So I made them go.
I forced them into an opportunity to buck up.
Would it have been easier to stay home in my pajamas and drink coffee?
But that's the thing about parenthood. I often don't get to do what I want - not in that look-at-me-I'm-a-martyr-sort-of-way. No, I'm a mommy and I'm learning to trust my gut. The fear in my twins' eyes, the nervous way they stood on the court before practice ... all of it made my heart soft. I wanted to bring them into my arms and do something nice and comfortable for them.
Instead they went.
They tried.
They sucked.
But mostly they were brave.
And if I'm trying to raise anything over here it's brave young women who will have the tenacity to try new and amazing things in their life.
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