Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That Old Feeling

I try and live my life in such a way that my I don't allow my negative feelings to rule or dictate my day. That is, if I feel bad I don't HAVE to have a bay day.

Today I am certainly tired and I have a To-Do list that won't quit. However rather than sucumb to the feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm, I submit myself and my day to the nagging little feeling I sense in the back of my mind that I am blessed.

Today it's a small feeling. Just an inclining that despite what needs to be done, fixed and dealt with ... all is ok. It's ok because I'm ok. The frustrations are all external. Inside me I'm good.
I'm blessed.

And that is the thought that I will welcome today.
That's what I lean on when my enviornment tells me otherwise.
Blessed is what I choose today.
I choose.

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