Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thank You Santa

Santa has been good to me two years in a row.
And when I say "Santa" I literally mean Santa.

Last year Santa came early. Loaded with presents and gifts for the family, his appearance restored my faith in many, many ways.

This year, as my kids waited for their Grandparents to arrive on Christmas morn, my husband noticed a package on the front porch.

The tag said "From Santa".

I set it under the tree with our other gifts and posted this instagram pic just before opening it.

Some friends asked what it was and I never answered them online only because I was processing. I don't know if you've ever been on the recipient end of an anonymous gift but it's really kinda ... something.

To think someone remembered you - it touches a part of your hidden heart. We, or at least, I carry on doing what I'm supposed to do, trying to do what I believe I was called to do and then in one small, sometimes insignificant moment, you realize you're noticed.
That someone remembers.
That you are seen and not an invisible member of the crowd.

So today I set my gift out on the piano next to the Nativity. And my heart is overflowing with a feeling of blessed-ness and reflection. This is what I know:

1. small gifts/gestures do matter
2. words of affirmation are powerful
3. you are not invisible. you are seen.

So please dear reader, I ask you to live your life in such a way that you take time to look for some tiny way to show kindness to a friend, sister, mother, neighbor or coworker. I ask that you use your words in a genuine fashion to build others up, to give them confidence and affirmation and to please remember you count. You are not hidden. You are seen and valuable and an important part of life. Don't feel forgotten.

Santa brought these 2 frames with my catch phrase
Believe me when I tell you these things because I know. I know life can feel mundane and it often feels like one big blur. But your life matters. Santa reminded me of that again this year and so today, I chose to use my blog to tell you the same.

Merry Christmas friend.
Thank you for reading.

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