Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On a Mission

Today's blog comes from the Czech Republic.
My life's goal, To Write a Better Story, is playing out right this minute.
But that's the thing about life. It is moving. It's going. It is playing out and unfolding whether you mean for it to or not.
So shouldn't we be deliberate?
Shouldn't we be purposeful?
Shouldn't we make effort to make our life what we want and hope for?
I've planned for this trip for a very long time.
Over a year ago I learned about the need for parent education in Europe, specifically amongst the Roma(ani) Gypsy people. And here I am.
To say it is surreal is an understatement.
It is fullfilling.
And nervewracking.
And ground breaking.
And uncomfortable.
And memorable.
And important.
And meaningful.
And ...
I don't know what you dream for your life. I only know my own. But I hope you can believe me when I say your dream is worth nurturing.
Your hopes are worth having.
Your plans are worth making.
Take time won't you to dream and imagine? Because if there is one thing I know I know that another 5 minutes just ticked by while you were reading this blog.
Time is moving my friend.
What are you doing with it?
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