Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I Haven't Quit - Finance Friday

Jeff Goins, Wrecked

Have you ever read just what you needed to hear when you needed to hear it?
I've been struggling with whether or not to quit my retail job.

I took
the job last November to help with Christmas.

I kept
the job to raise my own money for my next overseas trip.

I quit
the job when the new school year started as I had raised the money I needed and with the onset of a new school year I know my family schedule gets insane

my resignation was not accepted.

The manager wanted me to stay on at a one-day-a-week rate."We want to keep our best employees", she said (funny I didn't know you felt that way until I quit ... just sayin').

I belabored the decision but in the end decided to stay on at the store.
They've been very true to their word and have not worked me but one day every week or two
and for that I am very thankful.

With a job, 5 kids, hubby in school with an evening job and
soccer and
soccer and
swim team
and football
I barely have time to wash me hair let alone work more!

Also, and here's the hard reality ...
I'm really in no financial position to turn down work in this season in our lives.
When they didn't accept my resignation I took it as a sign to stay on.

ALLTHEWHILE I admit I think about quitting constantly.

Even though I should be grateful for a job.
Even though it's minimum wage.
Even though its way under my skill set.
Even though it has terrible hours.
Even though its torture on my feet and hips.
Even though ... I really need every dollar I can get.

That's when I picked up Jeff Goins book, Wrecked:
"Sticking it out in a job that is a struggle may be the best thing for your character,"

I guess I'll stop looking for a chance to quit and instead look for what the bigger picture could be in my life. And hope and pray with all my might this experience is preparing me for whatever it is that may be on my horizon next.

On a side note: one of the great things about retail work is the employee discount
I get 15% on clothes, shoes and accessories.
It's clearance time at our store.
I looked through the jewelry and scarves section
and scored two $3.50 scarves
one $4 tshirt and
a $4 charm bracelet with a watch.

It is Finance Friday on my blog ... the day I dedicate to documenting our family's journey into statistical poverty, our struggle to live with less and making ends meet. Thank you for reading and please tweet or like if you enjoyed To Write a Better Story!

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