Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mission Monday

Roma kids from my 1st trip!
In exactly 26 Days I'll be off on my next mission!

I am thrilled!

It has always been my heart's desire to be a part of something bigger than myself. I was invited on my first overseas trip five years ago and I've been taking the annual trek annually ever since.

On that first trip in 2008 I - to be completely honest - wasn't sure why I was going. I doubted I had anything to contribute. And not in that Golly-gee-Humble-me kind of way. I legitimately didn't think I had a purpose on the team.

I didn't know it at the time but that trip wrecked me.
It wrecked what I thought about the world.
It revealed my selfish nature.
It dismantled some of my core values
and it made me uncomfortable pushing me against my own limits.

Turns out I am capable of so much more. And so much better.

I formed valuable relationships.
I have friends all over the world.
I've been a part of shaping lives.
I've been shaped, stripped back and molded myself.

It's been terrible. It's been wonderful.

It's time for me to go again.

In November I, and Karen Grant, will be flying to Central Europe to be a part of a team bring transformation into the lives of the highly discriminated against Roma Gypsies of Slovakia and Czech Republic. We are bringing the pilot Parent Education Curriculum to two communities in effort to teach and train them in some basic child development issues.

Our hope is that this training will bring the beginning to an end of developmentally delayed Roma children. Currently, these children are entering school at a drastically delayed rate and are subsequently put into "special schools" where they lack decent and appropriate education opportunities. Thus, statistically speaking, the children fail or worse drop out of school and the cycles of abject poverty continues in their lives.

This is not OK.

Seeing as how I've dedicated the last eighteen years of my life teaching and training parents in my hometown I feel like this is a trip literally destined for me.

I'd appreciate it if you kept Karen & I in your thoughts and prayers ... my family too. It takes a great amount of sacrifice on my husband and children to let me go. They will manage fine without me! They are stellar like that but still ....

As every trip is a self funded trip (that is I raise my own funds to go) I couldn't do it with out the generous support of those who love me and believe in me. If you're one of those peeps I say a heartfelt "Thank You!" All that's left to raise are the kits we are leaving with the Roma parents.

To each parent who attends our 2 day intensive seminar we will leave with them a Parenting Toolbox Kit which includes a curriculumn, crayons, markers, paper, index cards, rhythm sticks, stickers, blocks, balls and books. This may be the only toys some of these families have ever received.

You can sponsor a Parenting Toolbox Kit for $25 US dollars. It would make all the difference to a child in Europe. Save and convenient, tax deductible online giving can be done through this link or contact me directly at starski(at)

(be sure to click PLAY on the video in the center below)

p.s. I NEED EMPTY TEA BOXES for the trip! We are going to use them to make teaching tools! If you have any empty tea boxes may I please have them? by NOVEMBER 9? thanks!

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