Monday, October 1, 2012

Mission Monday

I'm pleased to report I've recruited a good friend and long time supporter to accompany me on my next mission trip. (But saving a spot for you time!)

In November she and I will travel to Czech and Slovakia to be a part of a team bringing parent education to two Roma Gypsy communities.

Why is this important?
Roma children, who suffer from extreme discrimination, are entering school developmentally delayed and therefore put into "special" classes.

Roma children who are not given an equal opportunity at education are much more likely to perpetuate the abject poverty in which these families live. A good education is the foundation for finding employment and sustainability.

And you're helping how?
We've partnered with locals in each community who want to help end the discrimination against these children and proactively assist Roma families end the cycle of poverty in their lives. If parents have tools and information on how important the first years of a child's life are then studies show that with proper training the children will spend the first acedemic years learning rather than catching up.

How will that help?
If an infant is never sung or read to, if they've never stacked a block or heard a nursery rhyme how, when it's time to sit at a desk, listen to a story or work a math problem will they even begin? A parent, no matter what country you live in, is their child's first and most important teacher. Parents teach their children how to speak, how to behave or how to interact with others. Cooking together teaches children how to follow direction and perform basic math skills. There are a lot of things we can show parents that they can do now, from home, that will engage their child's brain.

We can't change a families income but we can give them the information and tools to utilize the first few years of their child's life so that their children have the necessary building blocks present for the education system to build upon.

But if they don't have toys ....
We'll give them some. Our team plans to put together "Parenting Tool Box Kits" full of materials necessary to create successful learning experiences at home. You'd be amazed what crayons and a stack of index cards can teach. It is our goal to identify a few 'neccessities' that we can leave with each family so they can be playing together in new and exciting ways that are actually helping their children's brain growth and development.

Get on board...
This trip in November is just the beginning. It is our hopes that the trip can be the flagship conference for developing an actual parent education curriculum for the Czech and Slovak people. We believe we can transform peoples lives with information and tools. Won't you help give a family a Parenting Toolbox ?

The trip is just over a month away. Don't delay and give now!
Please leave a comment below if you'd like me to get in touch with you or
mail your gift (any amount is appreciated) to
NLI, USA Office
PO Box 10148
South Bend IN 46680
email me directly for an online, tax deductible link I can share with you

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