Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Nightmare

I made this hat.
This is significant for two reasons:
A. I am not crafty.
B. it is completed two whole days before my little girl needed it.

It is a part of her Halloween costume.

Can you guess what it is?

If I am not crafty why would I ever torture myself with homemade costumes you're thinking to yourself? Well because I am cheep, er, thrifty and because I refuse to overpay for something I could do myself.
Do it well? No.
Create it easily? Um, definitely not.

This hat for little Madeline was made out of:
2 cereal boxes
$6 worth of felt
A belt from one of my shirts
And a needle and thread.

Not kidding.

The little blue petticoat to go with the hat was dug out of the basement as my oldest daughter wore it ten years ago. Unfortunately I didn't save the hat.

Halloween is a nightmare for crafty sensibilities like mine and my budget. Nevertheless, on the eve of Halloween .... I'm ready!

For once in my parenting career I am ready!

Well, except we haven't carved pumpkins yet, or bought the candy or ....

What!? It's all good!

Please feel free to comment .... are you suffering from Pinterst envy as well? Do you make crappy Halloween costumes too?

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