Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revisiting the 1st Day of Kindergarten

I found this entry from the twin's first day of school ... four years ago! Today, and in honor of the first day of 3rd grade, I post it for you to enjoy!
(excuse me while I go grab a tissue!)

9/6/09 My twins are absolutely thrilled to be in Kindergarten.

Well mostly Isabel (she tells me she's using her grown up name now - being in Kindergarten and all - please don't refer to her as Bell). The twins are in two different classrooms and that, let me tell ya, is just brilliant!!
While a part of my heart was torn for the two little girls who've barely been separated since birth, I knew deep down that they needed the chance to grow independent of each other.  While this may be twice the work for me - 2 simultaneous Halloween parties, 2 folders to keep track of, the library books . . . . . well, I know both Abby and Bell will get a chance to be themselves, not half of their sister.

So... Bell, gives hugs and kisses and she's off. No lingering, no long goodbyes she is ready to go learn. She told me her teacher said when she .. "uses her eyes and ears she's learning!" and this fact thrills her to the bottom of her soul, let me tell ya!

Abby, on the other hand, is a bit more slow to adapt. She does well in her own environment, she is completely comfortable telling Bell and her other siblings what to do. But she's expressed deep concern about not being in the same room as Bell. In fact, after settling Bell in her kindergarten class I walked across the hall to check on Abby and her  first words were, "How's Bell doing?". Again, it hurts but I know it's good.

In the second week of school all kindergarten learned about the color RED. Bell colored red papers, Abby was to bring in something red to share.
Abby went to her favorites.
Can you guess what that was?
Her animals. Abby loves Chinka (the very, very loved cat)
((formerly big sister Halee's lovey, then called Maria))
and every other Beanie Baby and stuffed animal she can collect. She genuinely loves them all, no matter if it's from a Happy Meal or the toy store.

So it's red day and Abby chooses a small, stuffed Clifford - the infamous big, red dog.

Clifford gets a special spot in the backpack. The zipper stays cracked so he can breathe. It's a whole ordeal taking this poor puppy to school. I am pleased however, that she is finally showing some interest in what is going on in her classroom as opposed to what Bell's class is doing.

That afternoon I pick up Abby anticipating her excitement regarding her red show and tell. But Abby's in tears. You see, the teacher is collecting red things through the whole week and he's asked Abby to leave Clifford in the classroom. Abby is devastated. Clifford can't be left alone, she cries, "He'll be scared, Mom". She buries her face in my leg and holds on with all her might. My heart breaks for her. She was so excited and is now so disillusioned - I know how she feels.

We made it through the night and learned the next morning that Clifford survived too.

And now this week they are learning the color green. Abby's no fool, on the walk to school this morning she plucked a leaf off a tree and showed it to me and said, "I don't care if this leaf gets left!"

p.s. to keep Abby motivated at school I've asked her to draw a picture for me and I'll take it to my desk at work. everyday she's proudly brought home a family portrait. Monday she pulled it out of her book bag and showed me her masterpiece. She said, "See, here's you, daddy, Halee, Ethan, me & Bell . . . ug! I forgot Eric!!". On Tuesday, she showed me her redone family picture. "I remembered you, dad, Ethan, Eric, me & Bell .... UG! I forgot Halee!!". No joke - this happened 3 days in row. On the fourth day she proudly displayed a picture with all 7 of us. She was so pleased she finally remembered her whole family!

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