Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leaving the Pack aka Senior Pictures

Sixteen years ago I was in this very spot in Indiana celebrating her first birthday with extended family, holding her up for all to see like the weird little monkey in Lion King. Now, I've returned to have her senior portraits taken.

Time flies.

I remember getting my senior pictures done. It was 1990 and I proudly wore my herringbone necklace and a mock turtle neck paisley shirt. It took me hours to curl my hair and an entire bottle of AquaNet to get it to stay.

But that was then and this is now.

Now I follow my daughter and the photographer around and watch the two of them in action. Directing. Posing. Snapping. Smiling.

I'm struck by my daughter's beauty and am thankful that she really has no idea how gorgeous she is. And I wonder how she'll do when, in just over a year, she'll launch out of the nest I've provided for her.
Will she fly?
Will she build a nest near mine?
Will she go far from home?

Only time will tell. And I think I'll be ok with whatever she chooses. For in my heart I have a sense that she's grown well. I've showed her the Pride Lands, taught her to hunt and fend for herself.  I've shown her the boundaries of safety and have pointed out the dangerous lands in preparation of my little lioness leaving the pack. Now it's up to her.

Happy Birthday my daughter!
Mama's proud of you!

If you live or are near Northern Indiana check out Josephiney Photography. She did a more than fantastic job with our senior session. Her work is amazing! Also, big shout out to Grammy for making the whole thing possible!

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