Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's My Party

Actually it was the twin's party. They turn 8 years old and we celebrated by inviting a few girlfriends over for a 'Spa-themed' Party.

This party was the fourth gathering I've hosted in my home over the last four weeks.
I'm a little partied-out.
There is a reason Christmas isn't everyday.
We are not wired to party all the time.

Don't get me wrong! I like a party! I mean that's obvious right? I've agreed and willingly thrown a different party every week for four consecutive weeks.

Because, a party makes people happy.
A party means we pause from the work and responsibilities of life to celebrate.
A party frees me up to laugh.
A party is setting aside time I could be doing a million more productive things.
A party says this person or this accomplishment deserves my attention more than anything else at the moment.
A party is worth throwing!

Celebrate the lives of my daughters! You betcha I'll do that!
Throw a dinner party for a few deserving moms? Yep I'll do that too!
Invite 25 high school kids to a cookout in order to develop team unity? Ok!

Just like we are not made to work without rest I dare believe we need to take the time for celebrations.

So as you take a peek at my favorite snapshots from the girls' party (that I threw on a ridiculously low budget ... details coming soon) I invite you to consider how you can:

1. make the time to celebrate and
2. even create an opportunity to gather your loved ones or perhaps even some neighbors who may be longing for a fellowship

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