Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interruptus Magnamous

No school.
Blank days on the calendar.
Nothing before us but swimming and BBQs and baseball games.
Lots of time for writing.
Lots of time for projects.
Lots of time, yes?
Why no?
Why, with long bouts of unscheduled hours before me each and every day, do I not get time to write?
Time to finish my web work?
Time to be quiet and to just think?
Why does every thought and idea run clearly through my head when it hits the pillow at night only to be lost in the sunshine and activity of a new day?

You could blame it on my 5 kids.
You could could blame it on my retail job.
You could even blame it on grocery shopping and laundry and housekeeping, well checks, the Olympics, the dog, the meal planning ....

But I have a name for it.
I call it "Interruptus Magnamous"

The art of starting every thought, project or blog and consistently failing to complete the task due to evil forces beyond one's control.

This is the summer of "Interruptus Magnamous"

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