Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alias or Bravery ?

The writing that has come easiest to me most recently is unpublished.
I've relished in that fact.
I love the feeling when the words flow quicker than my fingers can get them pounded out on the keyboard.
It means my voice is working.
It means I have clarity on what I want to express.
It means I am writing.

Albeit for no one.

I've lost my spot in the local paper.
I've not been blogging regularly.

I'm essentially writing in solitaire.

I'm toying with the idea of taking a break from the blog.
Or reformatting the blog.
Or writing under an pen name.

This town is just too small.
My vulnerability too vulnerable.

I want to write. I want to write all about it. But I'm not brave enough to face my community with those thoughts out there. Just the little push back I've already received has been unpleasant.

So do I need a break?
An alias?
Experienced bloggers  & writers help me out:
How do you know when it's an alias you need or a dose of bravery?

I'm trying to write a better story with my life. I'm trying to imagine if I was watching this life of mine play out on the big screen or in the pages of a novel, how I would want my character to respond. How would I want myself to behave? What would make a great story? Would I live differently? or the same? These questions propel every move I make and every relationship I engage.
This is my life's quest. 

In a world where there are more blogs then time to read them thank you for reading mine today.


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  2. I get it. I totally get wanting to write freely, without anyone knowing you are you. But here is my problem, I want to keep reading your voice. How will I find you?

  3. Thanks Stacia!
    I appreciate your commenting.

    I'm still wrestling with this one but your encouragement is meaningful.
    On another note - good for you getting back on the blogging horse!


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