Friday, July 27, 2012

Corn on the Cob, Pioneer Women & Finance Friday

I was working at the store a few weeks ago.

While checking out an elderly customer asked if I knew where the employee was that - and she went on to describe a fellow employee. The woman explained she was looking for her because she knew she liked sweet corn and she wanted to give some away.

I explained the cashier she was looking for wasn't working that evening but intrigued I asked, "Do you sell corn?"

"No", she replied, she just liked to give it away, usually to people she knew from her church.

"Oh" I said and handed her her items "thanks for stopping in".

"Do you like sweet corn?" she asked.

"Yes!" I eagerly replied, "Very much!"

"Well, I have more than enough. I'll go home and bring back a bag. It's a big bag dear can you come out and get it from my car if I just pull up?"

"Yes mam!" I said.

Sure enough, within a few minutes she returned and presented a seed corn bag overflowing with delicious ears of corn. We had a pleasant exchange in the parking lot. She was surprised to find out I had 5 kids and I think she was pleased to know that we were certainly going to consume every buttery kernel she had gifted us. As we parted ways, I gently touched her arm and expressed exactly how much of a blessing her corn was.

I think my eyes must have expressed the weight of my gratitude because she paused for a full ten seconds before embracing me in a hug.

Perfect strangers we were.
A chance encounter, really. But significant nonetheless.

At home our pantry was getting bare, waiting for someone to go to the grocery store.
That someone was waiting for the 10th of the month.
When I left for work we had bare cupboards when I returned we had a corn feast.
It was a bit of a miracle.
I believe in miracles.

I also believe that the next time I fantasize about pioneer women and how much simpler their life must have been I will recall the hours and the mess it took to freeze all that corn.

Oh! I'm thrilled I was able to stockpile some corn and fill the bottom of our freezer. It will be perfectly delicious this winter with mashed potatoes & fried chicken ... it's just that what took my sons and me to do in 3 hours I could have bought at the grocery store for $4.00 in 5 minutes. Thus, pioneer women did not have anything easy.

I will confess one thing - the next time I sit down to my table, creamed corn before me, say grace and thank God for the food that He has provided I will mean it. Because that corn was a miracle.

Corn can be miraculous.

It's Finance Friday on To Write a Better Story - the day I dedicate to documenting our journey as a family of 7 living below the national poverty line in effort to create a better future. You can catch up on Finance Friday submissions here.

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