Monday, July 23, 2012

Saving for Slovakia - Mission Monday

me & my playgroup friends
I'm going to Slovakia!

 It will be my fourth trip to that country and I couldn't be more excited!

This November, I will be using my professional training as a Parenting Educator with a Roma Gypsy community in Slovakia. Roma babies & preschool age children are behind developmentally due to lack of resources & education. We know that if those children start school delayed the systemic poverty in their lives will perpetuate therefore cementing the cycle of poverty in their communities.

This is not ok.

Part of our team was there last week doing some ground work. Literally. They spent a week cleaning up trash, fixing concrete & even hosted an American-style BBQ! The response from the Roma? Check out @HowellConnect's tweet:

& check out the photo from the picnic --->

Listen, I'm not a wealthy woman. I've been brutally honest about our current financial season on Finance Friday. I don't have vacation days, holiday bonuses or old family money and yet I contend it is worth my resources and time to participate in a greater cause that helps others live healthier, better lives.

So I'm going.
I'm tentmaking
and raising support
and I'm making it happen.

I couldn't do it without the love & support of my family who never fusses every time I have a shift at the store that takes me away from time with them. Nor could I do it without the friends and family who have given, supported, pledged & encouraged me along the way.

They believe in me and that's a treasure to my heart.

To know more about my trip check out the Glogster I made which includes a video about the plight of the Roma children and my friend's site Howell Connect.

If you want to help make a difference.
If you want to be a part of a good cause.
If you want to help me
*teach parenting classes in Europe
*provide tools/toys for children living in extreme poverty
*create a reproducible curriculum for use in Roma communities all over Central Europe

You can give.
Here's an online link or contact me directly for sponsorship information.

The need is big but a whole lot of little make much. Join with me today & follow me @Steph_Sikorski this November to follow along on our trip!

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