Monday, July 2, 2012

Roses are Red

We have a phrase in our relationship: JUST BECAUSE
JUST BECAUSE might be the words of a text
or a spoken in a phone call.
I might get a kiss JUST BECAUSE
or an email.

JUST BECAUSE means I didn't call you to talk about the kids, tell you about our next ball game, I'm not telling you to pick up milk at the grocery store or asking you to run an errand for me.

JUST BECAUSE means I'm reaching out to you for no other reason except that I want you to know that I'm thinking of you. I don't need anything from you, I just want you to know you're on my mind.

And in our crazy lives - i.e. 5 kids - that means the world to me. Its like, yeah, sure I'm a mom and I work and I go and do and taxi and arrange and cook and clean and organize .... I do all that but I still mean something to him. He still sees me.
He still loves me.

So that's why, after a hard day at the store I couldn't believe his car was parked next to mine. I couldn't believe how handsome he looked as he emerged from the driver's side. I couldn't believe he held a bouquet of roses out for me....JUST BECAUSE.

I was his all over again.

And if all that wasn't enough. It never dawned on me that this single JUST BECAUSE gesture would mean something to our children. Our 16 year old in particular. She posted this on Instagram:

Could I love him anymore?


  1. Oh my gosh! This is so perfect. I think every couple needs to remember this. Wow. I truly love this.


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