Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Girl in the Big City.

I live such a little life.
Little town, little influence, little importance.

Most days I like it like that.
Things are simple.
We live. We struggle. We laugh a lot and play even more. We have Sunday morning family time and a makeshift laundry room in the basement that runs like a 24 hour laundromat.

This is my life.

Some days, sometimes, every once in a while, I am able to step back out of the ball games, calendar planning, grocery shopping and taxiing of children
to nurture a different aspect of my life.

I had that day yesterday.
It was divine.

I woke early, got ready in the dark of my bedroom and snuck down the stairs of our home before my family awoke, to catch the 3 hour train to Chicago where 3 of my most significantly influential friends waited for my arrival.

We toured the city. Walked the Miracle Mile. Took photos by the river. Ate a luxurious lunch. Laughed. Shared. Challenged. Listened. Encouraged and bought too much popcorn for any human's proper consumption.

Then, with tired feet and a stockpile of memories, I returned to the station where I found a seat on the train and allowed myself to be propelled back to my small life and the responsibilities of it awaited my return.

With my head gently resting on the cool window, I found myself wishing for more time. More time in the city. More time to eat, shop, relax and laugh over lattes and Nordstrom's strawberry chocolate cake. Alas, it was not to be. So .... I was at a mental pinnacle ...would I wish for the more I longed for or relish the time I took?

I choose relish.
my gorgeous friend taking in the view from the Round Room 

As the trees and corn fields flew past, I closed my eyes and expressed my gratitude for the women with whom I was able to spend the day. Each of them, in their own way, in a short amount of time, managed to make me feel heard. They challenged me, encouraged me and edified me.
Little me.
Mom of 5.
Finding her way.
Making a life.

Do you have relationships with people who make you a better person? Who draw out your strengths? Who believe in you when you don't. Who see in you what you won't?
In my opinion, it is worth the time and investment to make space in our lives for these types of relationships.
Make space in your life.
Make the time, make the space, make the effort. Because it's worth it.
Don'tcha think?

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