Friday, July 20, 2012

Disposable Income Days - Finance Friday

I found this little cartoon from Moderately Confused in the paper on July 3, 2012.

It spoke to me.

According to a quick online search Disposable Income can be defined as a person's total income minus personal taxes.

According to, a hilariously depressing site I found where you plug in your income & expenditures and it calculates what you have left each month, our family spends $14.13 every hour (that's $2 per person) and we should have $5.17 left at the end of the month.


Wonder how far I can stretch that after back-to-school supply shopping, registration fees, class pictures, admissions to my son's football games, 5 new pairs of tennis shoes.....

One of my biggest struggles with Finance Friday editions is writing them. I mean, it would be easier if no one I actually knew read my blog. But that's every blogger's dilemma isn't it? Alex Williams penned my thoughts so perfectly in a July 13th article he wrote for the New York times entitled, 'Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30'. Williams writes about the struggles 30 & 40-something adults have in making close friends. He says,

"Differences in professional status and income also complicate matters. “It really does get weird when your friends are making tons more than you, or tons less,” said Adriane Duckworth, a former marketing executive now working as an artist in Hamilton, Ontario"

That's why I could easily picture myself in the Moderately Confused comic. I could see myself saying that to my hubby over a cup of coffee but never to my girlfriends. But surely they must know. I'm certain I've joked about money trees, lottery winnings or have failed to chime in about my latest shopping adventure. 

I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. We made this decision. I invited the hardship. I'm prepared to see it through. I really don't want it to be weird.

I wonder if it is though.

And here's my internal wrestle: how can I be authentic, in this season of my life there's nothing I long for more, and not make it weird? 

It's Finance Friday on my blog. I appreciate your visiting my corner of the blogosphere. There are a gazillion blogs out there ... it means a lot that you would take the time to visit mine!

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