Friday, July 13, 2012

Desert Observations - Finance Friday

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It's Friday again. It always comes after Thursday and proceeds the weekend.
It is also the day I have chosen to call Finance Friday.
You see our family of seven went from a modest income - one that paid the bills, treated the family to dinner out on Sundays and even put a little away each month to save for Christmas & back to school expenses - to a bold decision to leave that security.
We choose to leave the job with the secure paycheck for one that required fundraising for personal support.
Two years ago we had an annual budget to raise of approximately $50,000. It would support our family and the costs of the business including travel and a home office.
We never met that budget.
We never came close.

Now, two years later we are dealing with the consequences of that decision.
I've chosen to blog about (the HIGHS and the lows) it.
And today is another installment ....

Last week I had a Finance Friday post that I took down almost as soon as I put up. As far as I can tell 5 of you read it. But it's gone and maybe someday I'll have the nerve to publish it. My hubby said, "You know a blog is not your personal diary".

This week, while I'm not feeling nearly as emotional the harsh reality and numbers in red remain looming.
Times are tough.

I'm even waiting to grocery shop until I get a reload on my card.
It's that tough.

I suspect this is when marriages fall apart. I imagine the stress of finances could easily send any normal person on the brink of insanity. I suppose that's one reason why divorce rates are so high. Times are tough. (Department of Labor says 12.7 million people remain unemployed in June 2012)

But this is where our story is different. We are not falling apart. Despite the stress and seemingly insurmountable circumstances I have no doubt that we will endure.

I believe life happens in seasons. The earth has seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall. And so does life. My life. Your life.
My 20s were a season.
My 30s were a different season.
And this, too, is a season. It will not always be a desert season here. It can't be. Not because I don't believe it can't be but by observing nature alone I can expect that this to shall pass. Winter doesn't last forever does it?

So the question is not how do I get out of this dry time but how will I fare during it? Will I wallow? Shall I become depressed?

No. Instead I do all I can do. I work to change my stars indeed! But until the change happens, until the new day dawns I embrace
I learn
I listen
I try
I have faith
and I wait.

I wait for the new day. I walk and I walk until I find the edge of the desert boundary.
The desert has a boundary.
I will find it.

How did you survive times of financial decline? I'd love to hear your story ... 

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