Friday, June 29, 2012

We Can't Afford to. We Can't Afford NOT to!

We've all heard it said that (so forgive me if I don't actually look up the statistic) that the major area of strife and fighting between married couples is in the area of finances.


My parents did it.
(I remember hiding in my room on Saturday mornings. They used to sit down at the kitchen table with the bill box between them.)

The couples who come through my line at the store do it.
("You said there was $20 left right?" said the wife to her husband with her debit card poised ready to swipe.)

My girlfriends tell me they do it.
I know my in-laws have done it.

And sometimes I want to do it.

Sometimes I want to kick up a fuss when I can't do this or that because of the numbers that are missing from the checkbook.

Like this week in particular.

The upstairs bathroom is leaking. The proof is on the family room ceiling. I want it fixed. My darling husband wants it fixed too but he wants it paid for (CA$H - thanks a lot Dave Ramsey). I just want it fixed.
Home equity loan.
I don't care. I want it fixed.

And so we are at a stalemate.
Which means nothing gets done.
Which in my mind means he wins.

So while I wallow in bouts of frustration the good news here is we do not fight about it. There are no knockdown dragouts. My kids don't have to hide because of our blowouts. There is no name calling. No hurt feelings. No swearing and threatening. No slamming doors or silent treatments.

Just a leaky bathroom.




My regular readers know about my Finance Friday entries. They know that we're in a self imposed, temporary financial slump. I've been brutally honest in my personal struggles with that. I've probably over-shared at times. But my mental and emotional health has benefitted greatly through these entries- so maybe they are really written just for me. But if anybody has any words of wisdom for me here .... Or advice on how your family compromises when big financial decisions must be made I'd welcome them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my blog! I know there are a ton of them out there and the fact you took the time to visit mine means a lot! Thanks!

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