Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Done Breaking

After a long break from writing and blogging I am back.
Did ya miss me?

It's ok, don't answer. I'll just pretend the whole blogosphere world missed me!
I'm happier deluded like that.

I'm waiting to hear from my editor at the paper. (I have a little weekly Practical Parenting column in the Daily Review Atlas.) He nominated a few of my articles to a contest. He said we'd hear back in June. Either I didn't win and he's too afraid to tell me I'm a looser or he hasn't heard back yet.
We'll go with the first for now.

I'm reading voraciously this summer. A wonderful habit of mine! I'm loving Richard Yates, Anne Lamott and next Jen Lancaster, Madeline L'Engle and Tolstoy (whew!).

And every morning when the house is quiet because the kids are sleeping in (happy mommy dance!!) I get to sit and read blogs, write blogs and comment on blogs!

Now I just need the words to flow!
And the bravery to write them.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the contest!

    Early mornings when the kids are asleep are my favourite part of the day. I'll even get up at 6 to extend that time ;)

  2. Thanks! That is kind! I have yet to get up at 6! You really really like your mornings! Round here my kids may not get up till 9! So i'm good with a 7 am start!


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