Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Parent Education Mission

This small board is a BIG representation of a passion of mine.
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Did you click PLAY above? View an awesome video detailing some of the challenges in Slovakia

In November, I am traveling to Europe to conduct parenting classes in a small Roma Gypsy community located Cachtice, Slovakia.

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This people group is greatly discriminated against and their children are not given the same educational opportunities as 'white' children and that's ... well, that's not ok.

I took this in 2007
Perhaps due to their abject poverty, it has been identified by groups such as the UN and Amnesty International that Roma families need resources & training in order to establish a home enviornment that enhances, not deteriorates, early brain development in their children.

Children without blocks to build with, books to read and scissors to cut (or parents who understand the necessity of such activities) enter school behind and are therefore labeled "special" and receive a less than acceptable education which only exasperates the cycle of poverty.

We can make a difference in this community! I am a part of a team from the U.K. based organization Next level International. Together we can teach Roma families, mentor locals to continue the work and see an entire community transformed.

Isn't that exciting?

We will train & mentor locals who can then, in turn, reproduce the training model that will be used in other towns and villages in both Czech and Slovakia. Communities can be transformed!

My favorite aspect of the trip will be the Parenting Toolbox Kits we will leave with every Roma family. The kit will include "tools" that each parent needs in order to nurture the growth and development of their children. Blocks, books, balls, crayons, paper ....
We will teach them the importance of reading, playing, interacting with their children.
We will make homemade games
and sing and play together.

me in Bratislava
These are the things me, and the parents around me take advantage of. When you live in abject poverty, when you are illiterate these things don't come naturally. Help me help world to be a better place.
I'm starting in Slovakia.

Won't you help?

My fund raising is two fold:
  1. Sponsor a Roma Family with a Parenting Toolbox Kits (approx $25 USD each) and/or
  2. Sponsor a leg of my trip (14 days @ $100 USD a day = $1400)
Click the blue DONATE button in the right margin of my blog to give today! It's greatly appreciated!

p.s. did you click the pin board above? it has a great video about the plight of the Roma's! You hafta see it for yourself!

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