Friday, May 4, 2012

Finance Friday Returns

It has been a few weeks since I've had a Finance Friday entry here at To Write A Better Story. I've got 10 very good reasons: Aaron, Halee, Ethan, Eric, Abby, Bell, school, ShopKo, responsibilities and um ... life.

Also we've hit a bit of a rhythm. It felt to me like we were sinking so hard and so fast that I could not get my feet (or my generally positive attitude) underneath me but now it seems we've hit bottom. Good right? Now there is nowhere left but up.

With things finally leveling out, a plan formed and a budget adjusted accordingly, I can breathe. And breathing feels good! Now that I'm breathing, maybe I can begin writing again.

Has the last year been hard?
Um, duh! ... Yes!
But I've no - do you hear me? - NO regrets.

In the next few Finance Fridays I'm going to:
*introduce you to my Good Cause and next overseas trip
*explain my idea of Tentmaking
*ask you to buy a purse/bag for the Czech Republic
*and share about one of my Tribe's biggest blessings yet (hint? I'm digging out my ears from 1992)

Thanks readers! Thanks for sticking with me. For being gentle when you read my most heartwrenching entries. Thank you for being kind with your emails, comments and words. But mostly, thank you for continuing to visit To Write a Better Story. I believe I'm a better character because of you!

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