Monday, April 30, 2012

Just BE-ing

I'm sitting here this evening with an XL To-do list on my mind. Its sabotaging every ounce of mental energy I have. The dog is curled up at my feet and my coconut green tea is growing cold. 2 out of 5 kids are tucked in bed for the night and I'm at a threshhold- do I get up and work for two hours? Read until bed? Write? Twitter? Go through my Reader? Catch up on blogs?

No, the truth is I don't want to DO anything.
I think I need to just BE.

BE tired from a long day at the store.
BE aware.
BE comfy.
BE free from the To-do list and all my concerns as to whether or not I'll get it done - in time, er, ever!
I need to
BE present in this moment.

I'm getting weary of always moving to the next thing.

I'm not thinking about stopping.

I just need to breathe.

I hope the blogs and stories that float in and out of my brain will be there when my fingers are able to reach out and taptaptap away at the keyboard.

I hope.
I do.
But mostly I need to BE.

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