Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Dead Red Bird

It's easy to get distracted - what, with life and all.

I've spent a lot of my days being a day-by-day person. Not because that's my personality, nay, I rather enjoy being on top of my own little world, but the current season of life demands so much time and energy I've morphed into an hour-by-hour person. I can't possibly think about what I have to do tomorrow because chances are I'm still quite unprepared for all the activity of today.

I recently witnessed a highly distracted Cardinal and I dare say his frenzy killed him.


I think there might be a lesson here ...

Yesterday, while on my way to yet another soccer practice, I watched a Cardinal dart down into the path of my oncoming van. There, about 10 feet in front of my windshield he hoovered. I was astonished at his beauty as he flapped his wings and remained relatively suspended right in the line of my eyesight.

As my vehicle approached the bird I could see why he was so freakin' intent being there in the middle of the road; just beyond his beak was a floating butterfly.
The two creatures danced up and down but never out of my path. My van continued to approach and I began to brace myself for impact.

If that bird didn't get it's dinner soon it was gonna be a hood .... splat! .... ornament.

Poor bird. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a beautiful pile of twitching red feathers on the pavement.

For food. That bird died trying to eat it's next meal.

Now I've not had any near death experiences at the grocery store (the modern mommy's version of hunting and gathering) but I couldn't help but think about how easily I get distracted "surviving".
And if I don't get a grip on my life I fear I may be putting myself in danger.

I'm sure I won't wander into oncoming traffic
but what of
the relationships I've put on hold,
or my children who don't ever get the best of me
because I stare at my computer more than I do their lovely faces?

What of my health if I continue to eat & sleep poorly?

What if I move so quickly and distracted through life I loose sight of the good and beautiful things that surround me?

I can only hope, as my heart sank for the bird I killed, that I would learn a valuable lesson:

May I never become so intent on chasing the elusive, ever-nagging demands of life that
I risk loosing what I care most about: my life.

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