Friday, March 2, 2012

Why I Didn't Shop President Day Sales!

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I know a lot of people who have whatever they want. Rich people. Poor people. If they want something they just go out and buy charge it.
New furniture? Finance it.
New T.V.? Pull out your credit card.
Better cell plan? Transfer your number. Who cares about the get-out-of-your-current plan fee? It's for an iPhone after all! Totally worth it!
The problem with always having what you want is 2 fold:

1. You never develop the ability / maturity to learn to wait for something. Which is sad because it means you rob yourself of ever having the wonderful experience of exhilaration due to anticipation.
2. You never achieve satisfaction. You must always up the ante. I wrote last week about how I took my kids out for a pizza dinner. That was a very rare occurrence for our family as the budget just simply doesn't allow such frivolous-ness. Remember how surprised I was with how appreciative my kids were for such a small thing? I would contend that if eating out at a pizza joint were a regular occasion they would become apathetic about going. So, if I were trying to replicate the feeling the original dinner created I would have to find another, better, fancier, yummier pizza parlor.
This is an extremely uncommon mindset in our Western American Consumer World. Every advertisement, all my friends, the store where I work .... are all constantly sending me messages that I need more.
need that.
need better.
need it now.
When the truth is ... you probably don't need it. You want it. Because you want to feel happier. Because it's been sold to us that owning stuff makes us happy.
I don't want to be immature.
I want to have impulse control.
I don't want to be on an endless pursuit of the perfect pizza.
And I need my money right now.
I literally need every dollar of it.
And I'll be d@mned if that President's $ale tricks me into thinking I need that BOGO deal.
It's Finance Friday on To Write a Better Story!
Thanks for reading, seriously ... thanks! There are a ton of blogs out there! Thanks for reading mine!
How about you? Are you aware of how much you spend? And what if you adopted my new motto thanks to Katy Wolk-Stanley and her blog The NonConsumer Advocate.

Use it Up. Wear it out. Make Due.

Or do without.

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