Friday, March 9, 2012

Mamma got Mittens - Finance Friday

I haven't been excited about mittens since I was like .... 5 years old.
But these ...

these I am in love with.
See the price?

I love the price
but hate that I hafta wait till next winter to wear them.

I've had my eye on these gloves for 6 months. No joke! I work part-time retail and spotted these at my store last fall. I knew they would be perfect for all those soccer-football games I have to get to go to.
So I watched.
And I waited.
And I watched and waited.
Until the clearance signs went up.
And then I watched some more.
And the prices dropped even lower.
And I waited
and it about killed me
but I was patient until I was certain they would not drop any lower in price.
And so I snagged 'em!

It's March. I've been waiting for months. And I just bought these gloves this week.
Now, to make sure that I remember where I put them so that I can find them when I need them in October.

*Budget Tip: $hop off $ea$on $ale$! Seriously you should do it! Whatever size your kid is in now, you can buy at least one size bigger for future wear for 80% (sometimes more!!) off! The down side is obvious, you can't wear today what you bought today. But the payoff is so rewarding when you pull a new shirt out of the back of the closet next year knowing you paid significantly less then if you would have bought it when you needed it!

It's Finance Friday here at To Write A Better Story. I dedicate Friday's to discussing finances seeing as how I don't have any. Well, I have some but ... It's been a super duper challenge for me mentally, physically and yes, even emotionally. It's been a constant wrestle in my life the last year because while it often feels like the worst thing to happen to a 40 year old mother of 5, it's been hands down one of the most gratifying times. If you're not familiar with my Finance Friday entries, I encourage you to catch up starting here or here are 2 of my favorites:
Blog-therapy and Do We Look Poor?

Side Note: I got my first negative comment on my blog this week and it was surprisingly stingy. A perfect stranger didn't agree with me. Why am I struggling with that? And have you? Do all bloggers go through this?

Double Side Note: can't somebody help me? here my blog sits on Blogger and I can't figure out for the life of me how to get Ads posted even though I signed up and was approved to have them. argh!

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