Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 7th Year - Week 2

Sometimes you gotta go back before you can go forward.
Which really makes no sense.
I want to move forward.
I need to develop some momentum.
Instead in Week 2 of The 7th Year study, by Alicia Britt Chole, the exercise prompted us to follow up the Life Timeline we created last week with a more in depth look at the most formative moments in our lives.
At 40 years of age I've accumulated quite a few -
too many for this mom-of-5 with 3 jobs to properly sit down and give my full attention to - however it doesn't take a large amount of time to discover one important truth:

In everything I've written down
it's been clear to me
that the whole of my experiences
form together to make up the dimensions of my life.

A life I love.
A life I'm so thankful for.
A life worth living.

Adding a layer of critical, pivotal moments to my timeline was very emotional for me. For example, when I decided to marry Aaron I had no idea how wonderful that decision was. I could have never fathomed the life we'd build and how wonderful it would be.
Am I lucky?
Was it ordained?
But the biggest question that looms for me is this: how can I help my children find their mate so they can experience the joy and love and friendship that we have?
Do they need luck?
Will there be a sign for them?
Can God/will God orchestrate it for them?

But it's not all been Happily Ever After ... of course right?

Despite a wonderful marriage I've suffered from bouts of extremely loneliness, have been scarred by betrayal and been embattled with fear almost my whole life. Those too are pivotal moments for my timeline if I'm completely honest with myself (it's easy, at least for me, to only focus on the good times). But that wouldn't be accurate would it?
And I'd miss the chance to see how those valleys were precursors to mountain tops experiences.
I'd miss it.
I'd miss how:
-that betrayal led me to a new precious friendship
-how that goodbye introduced me to an entirely new opportunity or
-how that exposed lie led me to a deeper personal transformation.

I'm thankful for The 7th Year. It is giving me occasion to go to the deep places that I often don't have (or make the time) to examine with a healthy, prayerful attitude. The points on my life's timeline are mine.
Mine to examine, celebrate and share.
And God willing I can get to the point where I can appreciate the culmination of them.
I can look back and expect to move forward.

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