Sunday, March 11, 2012

The 7th Year - Week 1

The number 7 is quite signficant;
it's literally a prime number,
there are 7 days in a week,
a gazillion bible references to the number

it's the number of my family.
Me+Hubby+our Tribe of 5 kids = 7

I am thrilled to blog through The 7th Year by Alica Britt Chole. I have a handful of dear friends who are on this journey with me and I am stoked about this "52 week path that cultivates intentional (as opposed to accidental) and sustainable (as opposed to event-dependent) intimacy with God."

I love this. Intentional. Sustainable.

The first assignment? Map my life.
So I can see it.
Think about it.

So I did. I started with the facts. Added the events.
And ended up with a flurry of random, swirling thoughts.

But then I sat back, dropped the marker and became completely overwhelmed as I know deep in the core of my soul that
there is a God.
He loves me.
And He "forsaw and was present for every single moment" I described.

My God. That's incredible!

What about you? Have you ever drawn a timeline of your life? What would you see? What wouldn't you see? How does it feel to see the culmination of a life lived in black and white in front of you?

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