Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Friends make the world a better place
Friends who think your blog is worth sharing with their friends are like gold!

Today I:
* Met a lovely psychology professor from Monmouth College who complimented my Practical Parenting article on failure and learning. She said she cut it out for her students!!!

**Had a friend share my shuttle van blog entry on her Facebook page!!!

***My Practical Parenting blog was picked up by SmartBeginnings and published in their little virtual paper!!

**Got 3 brand new commenters on my blog!!

**My friend in the UK read my blog for the first time and share it on her Facebook page!!!

And all of it means over 107 views on my blog today alone!
An all time high!

Today I set up AdSense (could I really make money at this??)
And splurged! I bought this BlogPost app (I've never paid for an app) so I can blog effectively from my iPad!

What do ya think?
Good day?

If you've shared my blog, supported me, offered me a compliment, hit forward or tweeted To Write A Better Story I thank you!

So much!

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1 comment:

  1. Yay! How exciting for you. I absolutely love your blog and now other people can share in the love.

    Congratulation. :)


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