Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Monday

Are you cooking this week?
Why not?
There are so many easy to throw together recipes that you're family will love (well, will probably love). You can nourish your family, bring the kids round the table, have some actual real life no texting required conversations and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg or an entire night cooking in the kitchen!

How do I know?
Cuz I do it.
And it's not like I'm home all day. I'm totally not.
Trust me, it can be done.
You can fill your crock pot, oven and pantry with items that come together in a snap!
Don't have the time?
Steal my menu.
I'm serious! Do it! You can take all my hard work and totally glean from it! All you gotta do is go get the ingredients. Everything is planned for you right here! It's Menu Monday folks! Get cookin'!
Monday - Appetizer Night
Bitty Burgers, Buffalo Chicken Soup, Mozzarella Stix and Pepperoni Roll Ups
BB=tiny burgers cook in half the time on the Foreman grill served on Sweet Hawiian bread (for the soup I pulled chicken out of the freezer. I always always make more meat than I need for exact cases like this!)

Meatball Sub Sandwiches & Seasoned French Fries
(forget Subway frozen meatballs simmered in your fav sauce is da-cheaperBomb!)

Crock Pot Roast with oven roasted potatoes and carrots with Grands biscuits
(I always make an extra large roast and save the leftovers)

(your on your own aka leftover night)

Sweet Bread Hot Ham and Cheese Sub sandwiches and homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Pillsbury Grands Taco Melts with lettuce, chips and cheese dip

Also this week I made Bugel Mix for a satisfying after school snack, box mix cupcakes with homemade butter cream icing and Monster Cookies (easiest recipe ev-ah! plus I u$e Sav-A-Lot generic package mixes)

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check out this awesome website too for more Menu ideas:

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  1. I like the YoYo name! In our family, the kids really enjoy "you pick three" night...where you can pick any three things in the kitchen to eat for dinner (though it must be somewhat healthy...your three can't be cookies, goldfish crackers, and a frozen pizza....we have our standards you know!) : )

    Kath Sturgeon


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