Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Case Pinterest Frustrates You ...

If you, like me are crafty but skill-less when it comes to crafts
Pinterest is a LOVE/HATE relationship.

I LOVE to look and dream of crafting
I never will.

Maybe because I got 5 kids
4 part time jobs
meals to cook
blogs to write
& laundry to do
or maybe it's because the nearest craft store is over 18 miles away.

Either way I would craft if I could

but I don't.

Instead for me, looking at Pinterest -with a holiday like Valentines Day- approaching is

I mean, it's torture to dream about making such cute things
when you know full well you'll never make it.

So this is what I did.

My home is decorated with a
Pinterest-meets-Kindergarten look.

I collected material;
pink, white, paper, string, yarns, stickers .... you name it I collected it
arranged it in the middle of my dining room table.

My kid's interest was piqued.
"What do we make with this?" they asked
"Anything you want" I said.
"But what should we make?" they pressed
"Anything at all! Anything you want" I said.
"But what's it supposed to look like?" they asked
"Use your imagination" I said. "Make anything! A garland, a valentine, a love note a wall decoration, a bookmark! The possibilities are endless."
And off they went to creating!

So just when I was about to write off Pinterest for frustrating me, it turns out it inspired me! Now our home is decorated for the holiday and while my floors are covered with glitter, sequins and tiny scraps of paper, my children are happy, their imaginations soared and Valentines Day is all the more special because they helped make it special. Not me.

How about you? How can you get your kids involved in making holidays special? And try letting them make what they can dream of! No project oriented crafts but free creative creations! What a great way to let the imaginations soar!


  1. Awww! I love this. And YES! Dear goodness, Pinterest makes me feel so uncrafty. Mostly, it's I'm not motivated enough to make Michael's and Hobby Lobby trips. I'd rather buy books.

    Great post, Stephanie. :D

  2. Thanks Ashley!
    I really do have a LOVE/HATE relationship with it!
    If you love books have you heard of paperbackswap?
    I just found the site and I have shipped 3 books and get to pick 3 books for me!
    It's totally awesome and CHEAP!

    1. Oooo! I have not heard of it. I will need to check it out.


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