Tuesday, February 14, 2012

20 years of Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today's blog is dedicated to my husband of (almost) 20 years.

And while you might expect a blog dedicated to him today because of the Love Holiday, I write today as my gift to him.

I share my words so freely on my blog
and in the paper
for whoever will read it but rarely
have I ever
saved, written and dedicated every one of my words to
the man of my dreams.

And while you might expect I would call my husband the man of my dreams because this blog is dedicated to him

I really mean that.
I mean, I really mean it.

Aaron is the man of my dreams. He has and continues to love me very well.
He adores me
likes me
is friends me
makes my coffee the way I like it
knows how to wake me up in the morning
and says he can't sleep in our bed without me.

He keeps me in consideration in all he does.
He includes me because he wants me near.

He's brave and tough and so smart.
He's a dreamer with the gumption to pursue his hearts desire.

He is a gentle and loving father
and every time he kisses our girls on the head my heart swells with joy.

He makes me believe that my success is a source of his joy. (see last years Valentine's gift)

It's easy to love Aaron.
I'm quite smitten actually.

On this Valentine's Day it's not about the flowers, dinners out or weekend excursions. On this day we celebrate love. 20 years of it. On this Valentine's Day and for every one we've yet to have together my darling, I celebrate you.

Aaron, will you be my Valentine?


  1. Awwwww! I can't wait to have 20 years with my hubby. Our one year anniversary was on Christmas. :)

  2. Congratulations!
    The first year is precious!
    Enjoy and love well!


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