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Inquisitive Minds Wanna Know (or a day in the life)

The following post is BY FAR one of my most commented on posts in the history of To Write a Better Story! It first appeared January 7, 2012. In honor of Throwback Thursday, please enjoy at my the expense of my sanity ....

I just spent 12 hours away from my home on a glorious Saturday so my 12 year old son could participate in his team's basketball tournament. It was 30 miles away. His team had 4 games. We left at 8 a.m. for a 9 a.m. game.
He then played at 1 p.m.
5 p.m.
7 p.m.

It was a tenth of a spot short of torture (see this blog Pigskin Proverb) but I did it.
I did it wearing a Titans t-shirt (really, you need to read Pigskin Proverb)

I packed the van with more treats and beverages than the concession stand could believe.
If I was gonna pay $10 to sit on rock hard bleachers you can be darn sure I'm not paying you for a Snickers bar I can buy myself at half the price.

I'm frugal like that.

Anyway, just for kicks I thought it would be a hoot to keep track of all the questions my adorable, curious, inquisitive 7 year old twins bombarded me with in the course of said day.

my Twitter feed from the tournament

Did I mention I had to drag them to the tournament? (I mean you didn't think all those snacks I was carrying around was for me did you???? C'mon!)

Anyway, God as my witness this is the completed list of questions they asked me from 8 a.m. until we arrived at home at 8:30 p.m.

How did I keep track? I had my Blackberry out all day. I typed in every question they asked. I think it's what kept my sanity.
Not. Kidding.

So enjoy ....

Why do I have to go? Why did you wake me up? Can I eat breakfast in the van? Are we there yet? Why did she put an 'X' on my hand? What if it washes off? But what if it does?Mom do you like my barbie doll? What day is it? Why are there spot lights in here? Why are we here? Why can't we have our own water? If I sing the smurf song will it get stuck in your head again? Mom, Abby pulled off a piece of skin before! Can I put my book in your bag?When are we gonna leave? Is the game over? Can we go home now? I wanna go home! Didn't you say we could go home when daddy gets here? Where's Ethan? Why does it say "do not roll over"? What happens if we roll over? Is that a Big Mac? Why did you get 2 Big Macs? Can I have pop? Can I have more pop? Where's the ketchup? Can I have juicy fruit? Can we sit up there? Are we home? Are we winning? Can I go to bathroom? Why is that team all blue? Mom, here take my trash! Where do I put it then? Can I go back to bathroom then? Look! Is this a real bubble? Why does E get to sit up there? How far do these chairs go? Why won't Abby give me a piece of her candy? That's not fair, is it? Can we go to the way, way top? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? What are you staring at? What game are we watching? Can we go up there? Mom? Mom? Mom? Why are you trying to read? Why can't we sit up there? Mom can you fix my Barbie head? Mommy I want her head on right. Fix it right.  Can you hold my wings? Don't their legs look shorter now? Mom my gum is tasting bad. Can I throw it away? Can I have another piece? Did we win Mom? Is this the championship game? Why are there so many games? Can we eat dinner now? Is that the Notre Dame mom? Mom? Did Dad say ice cream? Is it dinner time? We're going to McDonald's two times!?!? Did you see her hit me? Why are we back here? What is narrows? Why is the tournament so long? Can I have my kool aid jammer? Can you open it? Where should I spit out my gum? I'm done now where do I put it? Why do we hafta stay together? Can I have gogurt?  Can I have the rest of my candy bar? How can you say we just ate? That was like 30 hours ago! Can you tie my shoe? I mean my shoes? Why is dad tying Bells shoes? Can I have some of my chocolate bar? I can? Can I have my gum? I can?  You said I can eat all of the rest of my candy bar? Right? Can I go sit by them? Can I? What are them's name again? Never mind! Can I play DS? Mom where are you going? Can I go with you? Where did you go? What are those basketball hoops for?  You mean that's a REAL basketball court? What's your name?  What colors the sky? Never mind! I messed it up.  Can I have another piece of gum? Now where are we gonna go? Mom can I have another piece? What's behind door number 3? What's stop mean? What's that lever do? Did you know I almost fell asleep on you? Why did it get so cold? Can I play on your phone? Can I? Spell icup! Ha! You spelled I see you pee! Spell stop! What are you gonna do? Can I play on your phone? Why you doing that all over again?  Mom who put that gum on the bleachers? Can I play hoops when we get home? What's the letters for? Can I have a Columbia? Mom I'm tired. Can you hold me? What's the score? How much do we have? Do we have 26? Can you pull this off? Can I sit on your lap? Do you wear bracelets? Can I see your watch? When does the big hand move? What's that? Are they attached? What's a gem? Is the game almost over? Is there 5 min left yet? Can you hold me? Don't you wonder why there's letters? Don't you think at school I should shoot hoops? Did you sign me up for the YMCA thing yet? Why is that lady yelling? What's wrong? Who is she yelling at? Can I have the rest of your pop? You don't care if I drink all your pop? Where should I put your pop can? By myself? Did they win? Did they get 2nd? Can we go home now? Do I hafta go to bed as soon as we get home? Can't we stay up? Can't I ride home with dad? Will you be lonely if I ride home with Dad?

originally posted jan 7 2012

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