Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here's why...

I got a million flippin' excuses just like everybody else as to why I don't have the time to write.

But just to be clear - lemme line them up for you.

Today I:
got up at 6 am
got ready
woke my son up at 6:30 am
took out the dog, packed my breakfast, poured a cup of coffee
warmed up the van.

I clocked in at 7 am
wrestled with the safe - literally, wrestled -
ran my blood pressure sky high,
attempted to do thousands of dollars of math,
while warding off aforementioned panic attack,
and single handedly opened the retail store.

Then I managed people,
ran reports,
lost twenty bucks,
failed a pop quiz,
learned how to make an automated cash order
(1,300 dollars anyone?)
and chased down runaway shopping carts
(please for the love of all that is good - people! please put your carts back in a corral! Don't make me chase it down!).

I was asked to stay 2 hours over
(why can't I learn to say no?!?)
and had a chapstick lid come off in my pocket.

I clocked out,
returned 2 items,
hit the drive thru and got the wrong sandwhich. (really!?!)

I ate lunch on my bed with my feet elevated
for approx 8.5 minutes.

Whereby I put on school clothes,
grabbed chocolate from the fridge
and drove to school (aka job #2).

Here I shared said chocolate
sat in my chair,
checked the time and started filtering through emails.

I've got 2 hours before I hafta pick up the kids,
including 2 little friends for a playdate,
disseminate after school snacks,
start the laundry,
(man I hope those towels haven't started getting stinky yet!)
pick up my son from the bus,
waiting for hubby to get home,
check in with my teenager,
figure out what's for dinner
and deliver the twins and their friends to children's club at church.
(Note to self: remember their vests).

The kids need to be picked up at 8,
friends taken home,
check to make sure homework, book in the bag and papers have
been signed for tomorrow.

Try to remember the laundry.
Try to think about what's for dinner tomorrow
(do I need to defrost anything?)
Try to connect with hubby.
Try to watch my favorite show.
Try to lower my blood pressure.
Try to be happy when I kiss the kids goodnight.
Try to find a window to write article or work on blog
before lights out.
Try to get a good night's sleep and not think about
everything I need to do tomorrow.

This is why I haven't written today.
God help me.
My feet hurt.


  1. Oh dear. I thought my life was busy. I guess just in a different way.

    But look, you wrote something!

    1. I did write something!! You're right! Thanks for noticing! ( and for stopping by today). I dont know what youre busy looks like, I'm sure its different, but we all got our 'things' don't we?.


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