Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Excited! Here I go!

I couldn't be any more excited ... I almost just peed my pants.
OK, I didn't almost but I am really, really excited!

I kinda had this feeling - but I was afraid to say it out loud.
Maybe I thought it would jinx it.
Or maybe I was wishfully dreaming more than actually having a premonition.

But it seems I might have been right.
I kinda have been having the feeling that this year was gonna be a big step
forward for me and my writing career.

Over Christmas break I vowed, plotted, planned and researched how to give my blog a bit of an update so that it would be all polished and professional and .... BIG (aka important looking) if when (??) the "right" people found it stumbled across it.
But I haven't had time to do that freshening up yet.

Instead, in the 10 days that it's been 2012, I:

  • am being considered by author, Alicia Britt Chole to be a contributor for her new 7th Year e-journey
  • am going to be a guest blogger for Julie Lindsey 
  • need to gather up 3 - 4 samples of my work to submit to somebody who knows somebody at GateHouse Media

-*-*-* doing the happy dance -*-*-*

and that's in addition to my:

and that's in addition to:

  • supporting the hubby's return to college
  • mothering my 5 children
  • working part time for the school
  • working part time at the store
  • keeping my house clean organized picked up
  • working part-part time for EMERGE

So wanna know what I say about all that?
Your dreams will never come to you until #1, you know what they are.
So first - find your dream.
Then do the work. All the hard, seemingly meaningless little annoying steps that start your journey towards your dream.
and then work more.
Work and wait.

That's what I'm going to tell my kids. Regardless whether I am ever an "official" or "real" author. I am going to tell my kids to chase their dreams and then work for them. Work hard. Work hard when no one is looking. Work hard on the little tasks. Work hard on the big tasks. Work hard. And wait. And work hard some more.

Because dreams come.
They just don't fall out of the sky.
At least mine don't.

Buckle up Sikorski, here you go!

What are your dreams? Do you know what they are? Do you know how to get there? Start by doing what's next. Then do what's next after that. Don't quit. Work. 

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