Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Menu Monday

So we cooked a bird for Thanksgiving a 14 pounder! That means leftovers!
Yum! What else did I feed my family this week?? Well, after I looked at the calendar, checked the pantry, I made a meal plan and then a grocery list! This is what a hungry family of 5 eats when their mamma is on a tight budget and works 2 part time jobs!
I need it fast..
I need it cheap..
I needs it to be somewhat good for them...
It needs to include Turkey...

Turkey Tetrazinni
(the longest meal to prep but I had a full 30 minutes this night!)
Spaghetti & Meatballs w Garlic Bread & Salad
(frozen meatballs in pot w Jar of favorite sauce + boiled noodles + toasted bread = 10 minutes tops!)

Potato Chip Casserole
(make a head!)

(if you ground up your beef ahead of time = 10 minutes)

Turkey Salad served on croissants with chips & carrots

(crockpot style! precooked beef + seasoning packet w directions + 6 hours later = delicious!)
Texas Toast French Toast
(because sandwich bread gets all flat when you dip it in egg)

*many of these meals were a snap because I had the leftover turkey...but this menu can be used if you cook a chicken one day when your schedule allows then debone and save the meat. S'nAP!

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