Friday, December 2, 2011

Finance Friday ~ The "NEW" Face of Food Stamps

Turns out the Finance Friday portion of my blog has been one of the easiest to write .... it's a subject heavy on my heart. But without a doubt it has single-handedly been the most difficult entries to hit "PUBLISH". Sending my inner most thoughts and struggles so publicly has been very challenging for my soul. However, I've gotten such kind kind feedback from some that it literally compels me to keep writing.

And with the above video you can see that our struggle is not unique. (see the entire piece here) The amount of working families who are qualifying for some type of assistance is up 35% in just the last year!!! Over 100 million Americans live at or below the poverty line and 15% or 46 million Americans are receiving food benefits. Turns out me and my Tribe are not alone.
And to a mild degree that comforts me.

Some of you have picked up how sensitive this subject is to my heart and while it's not reflected in the comment section of this blog I have treasured your many comments via email, text or Facebook. Some have brought tears to my eyes. You've been so encouraging. So uplifting and some of you have even expressed how challenged you've been or that you've been able to share an entry with a friend who's been struggling. To you I say "Thank You!" (And right now if you're wondering if I'm talking about you .... I probably am. You know who you are!)
Thank you.
Thank you for reading the blog.
Thank you for taking the time to hug me, or text me or cook for me ... thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Hard times come. We can't always ward them off. There are hills AND valleys in life. I've simply decided to live my life not from mountaintop to mountaintop .... but to fully experience it all. Yes, even the valleys.

One final thought.... when you're living week to week as we are, every single little bit helps. And for that I want to express my thanks for the billing lady at the dentist. We got, what we thought was another bill recently but instead it was a credit. Because we had communicated with them and let them know that without any insurance we'd have to make monthly payments on our dental care, she decided to waive the interest. And it was very good news! Thanks a ton Judy!

Oh and one more thing ... in case you've considered buying your loved one all of the gifts mentioned in the song "The 12 Days of Christmas" I hope you've saved up ... or have excellent credit! To buy
a partridge in a pear tree
2 turtle doves
3 french hens
4 calling birds
5 golden rings
6 geese a laying
7 swans a swimming
8 maids a milking
9 ladies dancing
10 lords a leaping
11 pipers piping &
12 drummers drumming you'll spend over $100,000 !!!!!!! Good luck with that!

It's Friday friends!
Finance Friday!

I think good news should travel fast! Don't you?
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