Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Edition: Finance Friday

It's the night before Christmas Eve
and our home is filled with sweet treats, rambunctious children and love.
Lots of love.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this blessed.

A mentor of mine once taught me that in life we make decisions and then the decision makes us.
That is: every choice we make has a re-action or maybe even a consequence.
We can't do anything on our own.
Where we go, what we buy, who we love ... all of it generates this subsequent activity.
We are not on this planet alone.
We cannot not affect others.

We decided as a family to send Aaron back to school.
That decision started a domino effect
of reactions and consequences ... both good AND bad.

Sometimes when you make the hard decisions they remain hard and difficult to live through ... even though you know you made that choice of your own free will. And if anything I am learning in this season of life is that the best things often require a little blood sweat and tears. That is, hard work.

But this is what I love about the journey of life.
Life will sometimes give you signs along the way.
Here we were feeling a little deserted. A little forlorn. Borderline remorseful. Questioning our sanity. Wondering if we were gonna be able to see this through
there all of a sudden out of the blue
you get a sign

a letter of exhortation
a visit from Santa
an encouraging word
the priceless gift of friendship
a hug
a well timed word
Nutella, Sweet Tea & VIA
and all things Christmas ... cards, presents and surprises.

I sit here in my humble, humble life pretty sure I am the wealthiest women in town.
I am rich with friends, love, health and family.

I am not blind. I can see the signs along the way.
The sign reads: You are doing great! Keep it up! Journey Straight Ahead!

Thank you friends. Thank you.
Let's journey ahead together, shall we?

side note: My darling husband Aaron is awesome. He has just completed his first semester at WIU and he is sporting straight A's, a 4.0 GPA, is on the Dean's List and received a letter from the Chair Professor from the Political Science Department asking him to consider a future in that field. Way to go baby! We are all behind you and nobody, NOBODY is prouder of you than me! 

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