Thursday, November 17, 2011

To Write a Better Story

St. Louis Arch Museum - Captain's Wheel
I love the name of my blog! Do you know how I got it? (If you're new here you might want to read the back story here.) I believe whole heartedly that we are active participants in our own lives.

Whether we believe we are or not.

Whether you feel like you are or not.
You are.

You are sailing along.
Walking a journey.
Running a race.
Or my favorite: writing a story.

I believe this is very important for us to know as we live day by day. You see, I am convinced that whether we are conscious of it or not we are the captain of our own ship. No one is going to steer my ship unless I let them. I have access to drive this life or drift through it.

So if that's true, why would I not live an intentional life?
Why would I not have a plan?
or a goal?
Why would I not be aware of the conscious decisions I am free to make that could help or hinder where I want to go?
Do I think I'll be a published author on accident?
Or shall I work, write, hone my skills and otherwise do what I can to see that happen?

Sure I literally want to write a great story  - maybe one that will be send me on a book tour someday (although with the way the world of publishing is shifting I may need to adjust my dream) AND I want my life - when it is over and my loved ones are gathered around my grave - to be one that inspired others. I want my children to know I loved them deeply and I want them to be proud of of the legacy I'm leaving them. So if that's what I want ... when do I start to make that happen?

When I'm 50?
I think the answer is NOW.
Today, when my son is in bed with a fever I need to love him. When my husband wants to go back to school I support him. When my coworkers need an encouraging word I give it. When the trash blows in my yard I pick it up. When my girlfriend needs a shoulder to cry on I'm there. When my family needs to eat food I gather them round the table and serve them up a meal. And if I'm inclined to share my thoughts, I'll do so in the utter hope that it inspires you, lifts you ... encourages you to write your own story.
Write it.
Live it.
Run your race.
Experience your journey.
Be you.
Chase your dreams.
Love your loved ones.
Try something new.
Give yourself a break.
Start over.
Be brave.
Say you're sorry.
Buck up.
Look towards the heavens.
Love yourself.
Be kind.
Write a better story.

But what about those voices in your head? More on that next time .....

In a world where there are more blogs than there is time to read them I thank you for reading mine!
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