Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's Talk Salary...

Welcome to Finance Friday
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What is Finance Friday (other than a self disciplined writing prompt?). It's my humble opinion on money matters, how our personal recession is affecting not only my psyche but my Tribe (5 kids) and how we survive with a monthly deficit. Also it's the occasional heartfelt, semi-inappropriate over sharing blog.

It is what it is.

Now ... let's talk salary.

Are you getting uncomfortable yet? It's a social faux pas isn't it? 3 things we don't talk about: politics, religion or salary.
But I'm ready to talk about it. Let's bust the lid off this taco!

(am I really about to reveal how much we make???)

Ummmm ... no! But I will tell you that it's recently come to my attention that I am GROSSLY underpaid.
I'm mean I've lived my whole life aware that I am worth more than I am bringing home but I've seen the figures for 2011 and I am appalled.

According to a recent report the average annual earned income for stay-at-home-moms should be in the ball park of $115,000.
That's six figures folks!
The report also revealed that most stay-at-home moms work about 97 hours a week and
generally function in 10 major job descriptions:
  • laundry mat operator
  • facilities manager
  • house keeper
  • cook
  • teacher
  • childcare provider
  • psychologist
  • janitor
  • CEO
  • nurse
And if you work outside the home don't be offended. It gets better.
If you work outside the home you do all of the above AND more therefore you get to add $60,000 to your $115,000.

Do you realize this is a game changer? If I could just collect on $175,000 we'd be in business at our house. Since we've scaled back our outgoing costs to practically nothing ... if I brought in $175,000 annually AND we continued to spend at our current rate, we'd be WEALTHY by the time we were retirement age!

Well, I'm not collecting $175,000 anytime soon. We know I'm being silly. But I am doing what I can do to help my family and since we're on the verge of the holiday season that means retail.
Yep1 I'm now dually employed. I parent educate by day and I retail by night. Uniforms. Time Cards. 15 minute breaks. Supervisors. Customers. Crabby holiday shoppers. Black Friday. Rain checks. Scanners. Weekly Advertisements. Price Match Guarantees. Late Nights. Early Mornings.
And I can assure you it doesn't pay $115,000
or even the supplemental $60,000
In fact it's minimum wage-ish.

But when it's Christmas morning and my tree has presents under it that I own (not Visa or Mastercard) it will all be worth it! It. Will. All. Be. Worth. It.

In the meantime if you get a number on who to contact about collecting that Stay-At-Home-Mom Salary will ya let me know? They owe me some back pay!

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