Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

When I arrived at work on Wednesday, my 40th birthday, I found this on my keyboard...
So with much embarrassment I was off on my scavenger hunt.
Off I went to kindergarten where I collected:
40 "something(s) to help you brush up"

Then I collected 40 "something smart" from a bulletin board:

Then I headed to 1st grade where I received 40 "something(s) to hold me together"
I was told these would come in handy for the medicare papers I'll have to file someday soon!

In Mrs. Y's class I was serenaded with the birthday song and was given 40 "something(s) to aid me"

In Mrs. Q's class my name was proudly displayed on the board with a birthday wish!
I was given 40 "something(s) sticky"

Then the real payoff came when my scavenger hunt led me to the library where I received chocolate!
Oh! er, I mean 40 "something(s) to melt my heart"

Last, and least I was given 40 "something(s) hairy". I was quite afraid to collect this part of my scavenger hunt and my instincts proved me correct. Thanks to the PreK for giving me 40 lice sticks....

(look'll see they even added "critters" for my enjoyment!

But the payoff was huge! Not only was I given flowers, pumpkin bars and birthday cards, I was given the greatest gift of all .... the gift of speciality. I felt special. I felt loved. I felt celebrated. I felt happy. It was a Happy Birthday and many thanks to my coworkers at school who certainly went above and beyond to make my day awesome! xo to karen & kendra!!

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