Monday, October 31, 2011

End of the Month Report... not nearly as boring as it sounds!

especially since I have some good news to report!

In this month:
1. I found out I am multi-published! All this time I've been writing free gratis for my local paper hoping to get picked up, only to have my editor help me in that quest and discover I have been! Picked up that is! My VAN article has gotten a TON of feedback! People have stopped me for weeks to tell me how much they enjoyed that piece! (And I enjoyed writing it! I admit I even made myself laugh out loud while writing the bit about the spontaneous demolition derby...if you haven't read it, stop and do so. I think you'll think it's worth the extra click!) Anyway, back to multi-published... so this therapist who's in our school building one day a week stopped me to ask me who Amanda Sikorski was. We live in a town with 9,000 people. I'm certain me and my offspring are the only Sikorski's (polish isn't very common in our neck of the corn stalks) in town so I tell her there is no Amanda Sikorski. She says she doesn't think so. She goes on to tell me her husband was reading the Oquawka Current and a hilarious article about a van was written by Amanda Sikorski. I assured her it's me and we continue to banter about my 15 passenger van. I wasn't even upset that the Current got my name wrong. I was too excited to discover they are publishing my articles once a month! Yeah for me!

2. Twitter is just awkward for me.
a. I have made no virtual friends and
b. all I do is constantly promote myself. and while I think I'm kinda cool even I would get annoyed with my own tweets about "read my this..." and "check out my blog that..."
however, I do it faithfully and one day it paid off!

More good news right?!

3. but most importantly, I have a sense that my writing is making a difference for a few. Which is really the icing on the cake. I write because I must. I write because it's a bit therapeutic. I write because I have a hope that your world could be better because I put my words out there. And every once in awhile I get a little feedback that it is. I want you to know I read the comments and emails that some of you send me after a blog goes out! I hear you and so appreciate the time that you take to let me know you liked a blog or were uplifted by one of my entries.

So now, here I sit on the verge of November, a new month which will certainly usher in the new season of winter and cold. I look forward to it with great expectation. I look forward to more writing and even beginning my query quest!

So forgive me for forgoing my usual Menu Monday today ... truth is last week was CrAzY busy and we ate a lot of sandwiches and cereal... and thank you for letting me give you a quick update on my journey To Write a Better Story!

May you use this day and your gifts and your talents and your abilities to create a story where you are not only the leading character but one who's story is full of depth and love and respect. Who's presence makes other peoples lives better. Not worse.

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Thanks for reading!

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