Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Mom is AWEsome!

I have a new job description at school this year. I like it ... so far. I have all new "neighbors" too. I share a room with 2 early childhood teachers. It's a combination of a work space and place to pull out PreK kids for one-on-one services.

It's been such a busy start to the year we haven't really taken the time to visit or get to know each other until today.

This morning I visited with Miss M.
She's nice. And young. 26. She is getting married this November. She's as green as can be but she's kind. We visited a bit. I asked about her and her life, she in turn asked about mine.
I told her I have 5 kids.
She said, "My mom had 5 kids"
I told her I had twins.
She said "I'm a twin!"
I said my twins are fraternal girls.
She said "My twin is fraternal!"
I said my twins were number 4 and 5.
She said "Me too!"
I said I had four kids in five years.
She said, "My mom had 5 kids in 2 1/2 years!"
I said, "You're mom wins!"
She laughed.

I said, "Tell me about your mom.Is she exhausted or did she rise to the challenge?"
Miss M smiled and said, "My mom is AWEsome! I want to be just like her!"

And that made me smile.

That's what I want.

I want my little Abby or Bell to say that about me.
When my kids are grown and on their own I want them to have witnessed my life and say the same.
I want them to recall whether the times were good or bad -
no matter if we were in a rich or poor year
or in a season of serenity or drama
that their mother was a strong person, who's life was lived intentionally, who loved deeply and never quit and who used her words to encourage not discourage. I want them to recall home cooked, delicious meals, road trips in our extra large van and the laughter in our overcrowded kitchen.

I want my kids to want to say, "My mom is AWEsome!"
and I will live everyday of the rest of my life to do what I can to create that belief in my children.
They are my children. My legacy. My future. I will live my life for all that and the hope that one day my children will not hesitate when they are asked about their mom.
I want my kids to say, "My mom is AWEsome!"

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes woman! If you were my mom, I'd definitely call you AWEsome!

  2. aw shucks Jen! Thanks! and btw I think you are awesome as well!

  3. I loved that story Steph. It's all worth it and your joy cup will always be full!


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